Companies and products recommended

To your house.

Interior and garden: Hnos. Garcia, Torrevieja (info. updated 2017). (Well, recomended? We purchased a box for the chair pillows so they can be kept outdoors. Unbelievable, but the lid bent upwards in the corners. In this way the box was no longer water tight, the pillows shall not be protected from sun only. Hnos. Garcia gave us a new lid, mounted by the shop staff, so OK. But the construction is wrong, the new lid also is bending in the Spanish heat).

Repair of consumer appliances: Munditec. Servicio Tecnico. Calling in the morning due to refrigerator trouble. They came same day in the evening. Professional and to a price acceptable in any respect (info. updated 2016).

For installing and repairing air condition: Andersen Aircondition, phone  (0034) 67177 1894. Private company – reliable – professional (info. updated 2017).
Maintenance air condition here.