Norwegian Church Torrevieja

Seamen’s church of Torrevieja was blessed on 17 October 2004, and the official protector is Princess Märtha Loise. Read more about the church here.

Map / Kart.

Sjømannskirken i Torrevieja ble innviet 17. oktober 2004 av Prinsesse Märtha Loise. Les mer om kirken her

Plakett, vitale data

Plaque, vital information

Gate view, entrance

Gate view, entrance

The altar

The altar

Church square

Church square

Armonia de Noruega

Armonia de Noruega


2 Responses to Norwegian Church Torrevieja

  1. LOREN says:

    good afternoon,
    I’ve been reading about Norwegian friends in Spain. we are a good and healthy Spanish family looking out of this crisis.I’m looking for a family to sponsor, I read that you are Norwegian and I also know that many Norwegian families to sponsor students.
    can you help me ? know any foundation or organization? need that push so that our children get ahead. Thanks for any info
    once again forgive the hassle
    Yours affectionately

    • Perry Saevik says:

      Hi Loren. As I understand you, you want to support a family. That is a good thing. However, I do not understand whether you want to support a Spanish or a Norwegian family. And do you offer support by offering money or a place in your house. Please explain.

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