The healthy clock

I have a clock also showing how many steps I go by day. Those who have made the clock have probably meant that it will have a health impact. I’m going to set goals for how many steps I should, or intend to (as a minimum) dive around every day, and maybe at noon I can check whether there can be a nap on the pillow or a walk.
But that’s a bit strange. At home in Norway, there are usually no question, always an afternoon rest and sometimes a walk. In Casa Slappava (my house in Torrevieja), on the other hand, I can go on a stroll just as it is. It may be before dinner one day, after dinner another day. And you believe me when I say that it may even take a few days between each time I take a Spanish walk. Instead, there may be a little swim. The downside is that the clock does not measure the number of swim ceilings neither in the pool nor in the salt water, and on these damp days, I therefore have exercised more than pedometer clock shows. A hidden Relaxation Bonus, ie.
Today, suddenly, the pedometer announced that I had achieved double goals. Something like that is both rare and strange. It has its explanation. Perhaps I’ll elaborate on it later on.




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