Cats in Torrevieja

A couple I know yesterday found three small kittens in a garden, it seems they are approx. two weeks old. The couple visited a lady, and under some bushes in her garden they heard small animal’s beep-beep. The kittens where frozen and starving, waiting for death. Their mother obviously felt she had done enough, and since no homo sapiens threw food outside her house, no food could be found by the mother cat. Could it have been so that the maternal heart had become hard and insensitive so she left them? Or had mother cat been hit by a car with the result that the kids had to fend for themselves? And of  course they could not.

A third option is that the helpers scared away mother cat when they just had to look under the bushes. So now maybe mother cat is there without her youngsters which ended up in some “helpful’s” bathroom.

The kittens have received food / milk every three hours for the last 36 hours when I am writing this, and they have had the possibility to urinate as they will and have to, in the bathroom.

But the rescue couple can not keep the kittens here in Torrevieja, they declare. Rumours therefore say that good homes are wanted for the small ones. This today led to a visit to some organisation / office taking homeless animals. But, surprise, they would not have them. It may be as I have already realised: there are already too many cats in Torrevieja. Therefore one have two options: The rescue couple take them into their own home – or – vet finds the last injection for the small ones. Feed to die.

We’ll see what solution will be chosen. But I remind you: There are already too many cats in Torrevieja.


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Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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